Pelvis & Spine Mobilization
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 2115

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A thank you my teachers and my teachers teachers... as always most grateful for the way you present this work as from the begining of my pilates journey you have been my gratest influence. Both for my body keeping it mindful and injury free all these years and for those I in turn teach.. thank you over and over again~
Ellen, Jitka and Sharon, Thank you all for appreciating this class. I'm so glad Pilates Anytime brings us together. My family spends summers in Nelson, British Columbia where my mother grew up. I'll teach again in Hong Kong November 25-29.
Thank you so much, Elizabeth. You are always illuminating. Send love from Italy))
Giuseppe! Such a pleasure to hear from you. I remember our studio times together in Rome. All the very best to you.
Hi Elizabeth, I loved it AND hated it!!! It was sooo challenging and at times I felt extremely uncoordinated but after I really felt the freedom in my back and chest. You are so creative and have obviously spent so much time on this. Thanks so much.
SO RICH! Thank YOU, Elizabeth! Cheers, Aline
Elizabeth this was very interesting and creative and gave much food for thought! You are also lovely and inspiring! Thanks so much!
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Absolutely amazing as usual. Thank you Elizabeth Larkam for your unique brilliance. No class ever disappoints! I am so grateful for your work and inspiring ideas and insights.
Hallo Elisabeth! Thank you for this workout, I did it this morning and felt mobilized from head to toe! I like your detail movements and your great knowledge about our body! Love it! We met in Düsseldorf few years ago ... Wish you all the best! Many greetings from AUSTRIA
This was great. A nice challenge with wonderful details. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing.
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