Get in your Body and Move<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2123

Get in your Body and Move
Amy Havens
Class 2123

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Great workout, as always.
Thank you so much Deborah!
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One of my favorite videos I've done so far on Pilates Anytime. This really helped me increase my stabilizing skills.
If I am not strong enough to do scissors, what can I do as a modification so I can eventually get there? My abs aren't quite strong enough and neither are my hamstrings. This goes for the walking up my leg/tree movement as well.
Nia, thank you for your questions here. Holding the position of scissor can help you build strength, you don't have to move through them....or do so very slowly and hold on to the abdominals to spine connection!! Climb a tree....same thing, get in the position and maybe walk down one or two inches, hold on to your center---think about doing it with more range of motion but don't push yourself to do it. You'll know when it's time!
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Amy thank you 🙏 I’m going back to old videos and enjoying during lockdown * you are one of my favorite instructors * I love your sessions
Thank you so much Candace !!  I appreciate this comment!  Hope you are well my freind!
Megan Y
Great class!!!
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