Lively Spine Corrector
Meredith Rogers
Class 2186

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Thank you, Jacqueline!
I do believe you are the first person ever to call my humor intelligent. How nice of you ...! ;)
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Great workout. Especially the swan at the end.
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Just did this class again -- so good, you really cover everything Meredith Rogers and 50 min flies by! thx
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Loved the side leg series here the side kick and then the hot potatoes and then the twist towards the barrel and lifting leg out and up - felt great! Also the bridges on here were super humbling single leg bridge with kick and circles dang!!! 
Elizabeth thanks for toughing it out with me!!
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This felt incredible on my body. The spine corrector is becoming my favorite piece of equipment. XO Meri.
Super class thanks Meredith x
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