Backstroke<br>Wendy L.<br>Tutorial 2193

Wendy L.
Tutorial 2193

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Love Mr. Bones! Your props! Thank you.
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Wendy, the down the back and up the front is changing my whole workout. Love love ,love.
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Thanks so much, David and Lynn. Yes, seeing the deeper embodied connections in the body with Mr. Bones, allows us to sense a more authentic way of being with ourselves. How does the Reformer and strap become "part of us" so we are sensing the weight of the strap in our hands and our back on the box from the roots of our arms and legs moving from our breath center and relationship with gravity "Down the Back" and " Up the Front". You are so right, Lynn, this way of being with ourselves changes everything, xwendy
It is always a pleasure to listen to your wisdom,
everything makes sense and falls into place! I love your workshops, tutorials and classes, thank you !!!!
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Hi Petra, thank you so much for being in touch with your feedback on my approach to teaching Pilates from an embodied perspective. Over the years, after studying with Romana Kryzanowska, Ron Fletcher, Kathy Grant, Mary Bowen and Lolita San Miguel, along with other great somatic and bodywork pioneers, I have come to see that Joseph Pilates huge vision could not be realized in his lifetime. He had the insight and passion to create what he did, yet he did not have the expanded perception and language to move beyond his "overly muscular" approach as a boxer to see the fascial tensegrity of how our body softens, internally strengthens and fluidly connects to everything else in the universe when we "yield" to gravity and the space around us.
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And, Petra, we are standing on his shoulders, with the opportunity to take Pilates from another "exercise program" to one of the highly respected movement modalities that impacts the rhythm of our nervous system in ways that reunites us with an intimacy with ourselves and others, restores our connection with the natural world around us, and enhances our innate curiosity and imagination, to bring us into a natural aliveness that isn't dependent on outside opinion. Thank you for being on this extraordinary journey with me! x
So much info in just 10 - the theraband display ... genius. thank you Big take away session
thank you so much, Jennifer. I have been teaching this distinction of how the body works in the Pilates community for many years. When we really embody this "felt sense" of being with ourselves in movement, it changes everything. I would love to hear more about your experience of playing with these distinctions, x
Hi Wendy,
I'm new to teaching Pilates, but have been teaching Alexander technique for a few years. I instinctivly have shunted away from the whole "pull the abs in" rethiric of experiencing and teaching movement, and I can't tell you how truly wonderful it is to have my deep felt sense of my relationship to both teaching, learning and exploring 'sound movement' resounded in your way of teaching. The importance and the "how" of a "thing" is the most real distinction of learning how to teach ourselves with compassion, strength and enquiry. Of course FM Alexandr had the words, hands and vision to understand and relay that ease of movement comes from internal fluidity and is a continual process. Thanks and look forward to your upcoming videos!
thank you, Nazarian, you are speaking to the "heart" of my approach to teaching Pilates. As you are saying, when we get in touch with the "felt sense" of how our deep biointelligence responds within the gravitational field, we begin to move and be guided in movement by a context I call: "Core as Relationship..with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment". I feel it is so important for us to see how all of the great bodymind disciplines are guided by similar principles of relationship with gravity, breath and space. Please stay in touch to share your website is, in case you would like to be in touch, xwendy
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