Release and Activation Flow<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 2242

Release and Activation Flow
Sally Anderson
Class 2242

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Awesome. Feel so good. After 7 hours in a car., it's a treat :) Thank you
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Nice class Sally, almost like having a hot bath and releasing all the tensions in the body :)
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Me encanto la clase! Me gustaria escucharlas en espaƱol y asi aprovechar el maximo posible del aprendizaje. Gracias!!
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wonderful! especially for releasing a tight neck!
Katarina S
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Wonderful class Sally. Thank you.
Raymond Harris
Great session Sally !!!
Had one of my students (studying their Diploma course) come and participate in this class with me, as observation and then self mastery. My neck and thoracic area feel very relaxed and more mobile. Ready to start my day positively. Thank you Raymond
Sally Anderson
Delighted I can be giving you a good start to this lovely aussie sunny winter Sunday Raymond Harris! :)
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Great ideas for my classes, thank you!
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Thank you Sally. A lovely pace for me at the moment with a 10 month old and great ideas to integrate into my teaching. Cat
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I'm new to Pilates and loved this. Really well explained thank you
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