Reformer Workout
Tracey Mallett
Class 2246

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Super fun class!!! Loved it
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Hi dear Tracey..I did it. It is a nice sequence challenging really the core and of course the whole body. Sometimes I needed it to use the basic examples exercises of your presenting advanced exercises. It was great!!! I will work out this sequence and I will use some of your nice exercises and present them to my costumers. They will like it. Thanks very much. Lady Luz
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Great and challenging sequences Tracey! I will weave this into my classes and routines for my own training. Thank you!
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Amazing workout! Love the flow and good cueing. My whole body was shaky when I was finished!
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More Tracey!!
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Wow girl...killer session! Love it x
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nice thank you - found it challenging and different!!
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Definitely a challenge. Loved it.
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Man I need to work on those arabesques! You look so awesome when you do them! nice challenge.. thank you Tracey always enjoy your classes
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One of my very favorite classes! Arabesque section was awesome!!!!
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