Reformer Workout
Julian Littleford
Class 226

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love this class!
Love Julian!!! Nice flow and cues are really nice and easy to follow his lead. I am not exactly in advanced level , Does he have any plans to do more intermediate level classes?
Julian has agreed to comeback! Now it is the small matter of scheduling it. He is travelling soon but we're working on it!!
Great class!
Great class and great cues to find finesse in the movements. I will definitely do this class again.
Excellent class. Very creative.
loved it!!!
LOVE this class!! Best on the site! PLEASE add more classes with him!!!
Really superb class! I found this class to be very well paced with excellent cuing to get the most out of each exercise. I loved the challenge too! Julian, I'm looking forward to your next class!!!
I'm one of Julian's 'Passing the Torch' students.... love being able to get a refresher coarse. Hope he does more.
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