Reformer Workout
Julian Littleford
Class 226

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Fabulous! Clear direction and cues. I am using some of these tonight!
love love love this class. more please.
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I enjoyed your class thank you
Its great to try different variations of exercises!!! ??????
AMAZING! Thank you
I will do this one again for sure. I really enjoyed it.
Still doing your classes Julian. I miss come ng to do a session with you in Del Mar. But it’s nice I can tune n to PA and find a class. RIP
Great variations! Very nice class!
still one of my favorite classes ever!!!!!
such a great find to find one of my favorite SD instructors on here!! Always the best always 
I was looking for a challenging reformer workout. OMG, I wasn’t dispappionted. Thank you for your very specific and clear directions and innovative flow.
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