Reformer Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 2271

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Sorry to hear Kathia. There are over 1900 other classes, so better luck next time!
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I enjoyed this workout - the ab work in straps on the box was great. You have a very soothing voice and approach. I may need to watch it again but the reverse swan at the end I did on one spring? or no springs?
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I also loved the parallel - lateral footwork - I have done it before but think it is really effective.
Nice program, love the shortened but powerful session, love the use of the spirals and your teaching style. omg.. my new fav reformer session! :)
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Always love your classes Lisa!! Can't wait to give some of these moves a try, love the extension at the end! Hope to see more tower and chair from you : )
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Thank You Lisa,for this beautifull workout.
Hi Diane, thank you for your positive feedback! I believe that I would have used a blue spring for the reverse swan, but you should do whatever feels right for your body Sharon, oh, how sweet thy words! Full of gratitude, thank you from the heart! Jessica, thank you so much! I definitely would love to have more classes to share with you and hear your requests! Thank You Rita, this makes me happy
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Always inspiring to see you move, Lisa! You just make even the most challenging work look so beautiful and effortless. Thank you for the shorter format; can't wait to try it tomorrow!
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Thanks for the great class! There are some variations in here that will most definitely become some of my new staples! Looking forward to sharing a few with my clients this week!
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I knew when I read the class description that my back would love this class. It felt wonderful! I love your classes and how everything flows seamlessly. Can't wait to take your new Rhythm Pilates class:)
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