Cadillac Workout
Erika Quest
Class 2316

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Loved this session as well Erika!
Love your cues and teaching!
I have clients that can use this whole workout!
Thank you!
Judy George
Hi Judy! You're so sweet to be watching/taking my classes. I ALSO have many clients who need/thrive on this work, so I'm happy you'll be able to utilize. I love my Active Agers! Much love, Erika
Thank YOU, Sandy for watching and taking. I love my Active Agers and use this work each day in my studio. All my best, Erika
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Really nice. You have a lovely delivery too. Your students must love you!
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active adults are my largest and most active clientele base. i treat them for who they are and what they're capable on that given day, so these are some great different approaches to their exercises..thank you
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Carolan ME TOO, which is why I love this population and working with their passion and vibrance for moving well. Glad you took class and thank you so very kindly. Much love, Erika
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MORE PLEASE! I work with LOTS of active agers. You are such a gem!!
Hi Julie thanks so much for watching and taking class! I TOTALLY get it, as I work with a lot of active agers, too. Hope to bring more to PA for sure in the future and keep adding to this wonderful playlist! Much love, Erika
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Great ideas for working with Active Agers (perfect!) on the tower! More, please!!
Hi Betsy! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. This is such a passion of mine and I will certainly hope to bring more to PA in the future. Much love, Erika
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