Aston Kinetics<br>Judith Aston<br>Class 2323

Aston Kinetics
Judith Aston
Class 2323

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Roberto Cerini
It's so good to have different but complementary approaches on PA! Love it!
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Awesome points for fine-tuning movement!
Thank you Robert. I appreciate this feedback,especially from an experienced practitioner like you. We all enjoyed this class and Judith so much. I personally look forward to a return visit to see where her work can take me. There is a pretty tutorial/mini class coming soon too!
Roberto Cerini
Thank you Kristi, it's just another evidence of how this website is a valuable and useful source for teachers all over the world. Especially for the non american ones. Looking forward to watching next classes!
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I agree with Roberto... Besides a class like this is a useful tool for us when teaching Pilates, movements such as the articulation of the spine with less tension as usual in client's mind . Thank you PA.
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Oooh delicious micro movements really make a difference between the pre and post test positions...feeling much more balanced left and right. Thank you for such an effective gentle tool.
What a wonderful experience Judith, thoroughly enjoyed it. Such simple movements yet what a difference it makes. You are fantastic !
What a fab experience, moving with ease, yet with effort and no tension. Would you suggest that the final stage of the assisted roll up as stacking the spine becomes the movement, that there be an inhale, or just continue the exhale with thought to the lift, using memory of the practise moves and the press into feet and pelvis cue? Sit to stand requires that extra attention, but maybe not simply uncurling and stacking as in this exercise? Any thoughts? Thank you for your class.
Thank you so much for bringing Judith Astor into our community! I have been curious about her and her work for some time and am even more so now. I noticed a huge change in my seated roll back. For me at the beginning I get a very assymetrical adjustment in my sits bones on the way up, however adding the feathering in, no adjustment. Interesting! Looking forward to more with Judith. Thanks Kristi and PA!
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Judith's tutorial provided the perfect blend of theory and practice.
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