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Class 2323

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Excellent! Ever since my back went out I have been having severe intermittent sciatica that seems to never totally go away. Through my own exploration, I found this pushing off technique naturally as a way to get off the mat. Infact it's the only way to get off of the mat for me. This class is a tremendous help for those of us injured Pilates Instructors who need to find a way to move again. This is exactly why I love PA. I learn so many juicy tidbits that are life saving! Thanks again for finding Judith Aston! More please!
Greetings Tania,
Thank you for your interest and followup. If you watch the sequence and do it at the same time, you may feel the natural time to inhale is when the diaphragm becomes engaged. This happens when the body receives a lift from gently pushing down on the hands where the leg meets the pelvis.

Okay, let's stay in motion,
Karin H
Hi, where can we order the pillow or wedge that Judith is sitting upon for this demonstration. Thank you!
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Karin ~ For pillows or wedges like the one in this video, you can visit Judith's website directly. I hope this helps!
I absolutely loved this class and I felt so good after. Can't wait to introduce it to my clients. Thank you Judith!
Thank you Judith, some really thought provoking ideas for all students and thank you to your lovely group for demonstrating.
It is especially great to have additional strategies and cues for helping clients who experience difficulty in rising from their chairs.
Thank you for making me look  more seriously into the pushing off the ground technique; it really works ;Micro cues makes big differences...
Alicia B
This was very helpful. You had my brain working as well!

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