Standing Workout
Susan Salk
Class 2357

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wonderful ... I feel so different .. thank you.
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So so perfect. Not to mention essential. For all levels.
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Beautiful workout! Loving the towel work!
Happy holidays! :)
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Thank you Susan, it was a beautiful class it feels great and spacious in my chest and shoulders. I wish I could do more Ron's education online as I live in Poland.
I can't wait to try more of your classes.
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NIce class! My orthopod sez to keep my weight up off my hip joint - last set of moves was great!
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That was soooooo good! Thank you
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Great class. It seemed so simple but I felt so great at the end. Loved closing my eyes at the end -- great for balance. Thank you.
Thank you Sharon !
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Hi Susan, I was reading your bio and I was wondering, were you certified by Ron Fletcher himself? Or are you Fletcher certified but you studied with Ron? Just curious.. thank you!
Hi, Luciana.
I was certified by Ron before the program officially started. I did do the level one intensive of the program, but I wanted to keep his voice in my head and in my teaching.
He came to UCLA when I was a dance student there, and I fell in love. A few years later, I came across a flyer for a workshop with him, I went, and I was hooked. At that time, Kathy Korey was organizing his workshops. I was in Palm Springs, she was in Del Mar, so my vacations revolved around Ron's workshops. SF, Boulder, I presented him in LA and PS 2x.
He made sense to me. His work made my body feel good. I couldn't be as close or attend as much as I wanted, but I soaked up everything he had to say. At the time, I wasn't teaching. I went as a student, and an experiencer. I didn't take notes like the others (except for Elizabeth Jones Boswell), I drank in the movement, the breath and the words.
That's the best I can describe it to you.
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