Mat Workout
Blossom L.
Class 2393

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Love this class, love Blossom.
Thank you from Mullumbimby..
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Haha NYC in the 80s. I was there in 84 and it was a wild place! Thanks for a great class. You rock:)
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Really fun and challenging! Loved all the Kathy Grant cues!!
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WOW!!! It was amazing! The perfect class! Thank you so much Blossom!
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Wow I just loved this Blossom! I loved the pace wasn't crazy, the rests, the extra Kathy or Rael or Carola additions and the fact you look fabulous but honest doing it. Inspiring but so achievable! X
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That has to be my favorite video ever. The effortlessness and personality of every movement was , for me , the essence of the work . I have to come and take lessons with you !!!!??
I had a hard time following this! I can tell you're super passionate though!
Sharon, I am glad my NYC 80's reference wasn't wasted! Michelle Smith, your comment was what I was trying to offer. Thank you for trying it out. Bonnie, that is a big bold "favorite class ever" comment. Thanks! Elizabeth, sorry you had a hard time following me. Did I talk to fast like the New Yorker I have become?
Interesting, fun and a good workout. Important pieces of information too. Thank you.
Wow. Great workout. I had so much fun doing this!
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