Mat Workout
Blossom L.
Class 2393

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Love your classes! Thank you!
Blossom - your fun personality comes through your work.  It makes it fun for everyone.  This was a very challenging class.  Love knowing what Kathy Grant taught you and you are passing on to the rest of us.  Thanks.
Thank you for you class. I appreciated your preparation to some exercices and the sharing of Kathy Grant way of teaching.
Loved this class! I enjoyed the challenge and fast pace and also appreciated Blossom's excellent breakdowns of each movement. Plus the humor throughout helped get through the toughest exercises. I also love the joyfulness of Blossom's teaching!
It's my first lift from level 2 to 3. I have done it twice so far. Still a few exercises I can't do completely but hoping to improve. 😊
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