Twisty Arc Fun
Blossom L.
Class 2394

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So wonderful to see these different bodies all finding what their bodies need. Love, love, love this focus on thoracic movement. Our bodies so need this everyday, thank you Blossom for bringing fun into your class once again. Movement should be joyful.
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Thank you for a different , creative, fun teaching.

Love the new modifications, 3 for each move, due to 3 different props.

Please bring more teaching, that is not from the "list" of moves that a lot of classes are .

We need constant inspiration.
This was excellent! Just what my thoracic spine needed. Thank you!
What a great class. Thank you so much Blossom!
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Feeling kind of slow...but very intellectual! That's why i love pilates because it makes us to keep thinking why we are doing this movement and how it works with our body parts. This video is perfect for that perspective.
You're so much fun, Blossom, thank you. Great class and teaching.
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Finland loves this one too! :)
Love seeing the same thing on three different props! Great for different bodies or just what you have available! Fun stuff!
What an amazing class and I love the "humpy thing" :) Thank you so much for sharing!
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