Reformer Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 2433

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I really enjoyed your scapular prep work for the mermaid. Also the thoracic rotations-" thread the needle" bit you added on to it at the end. Great variation I hadn't seen before!
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Nagi, my thoracic needed this today! Thank you for helping me move and mobilize it! Wonderful!
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My back was so stiff when I started this class, feeling excellent now. Bravo Nagi :)
Kathryn, thank you for the comment!
Yes, the scapular prep work is small but very effective, and I love doing the "thread the needle" on the mat, so why not do it on the Reformer:)
Hi Judy, I'm so happy your thoracic feels mobilized!
Please wait for my mat work to come out, it also focuses on thoracic mobility:)
Thank you Emma, stiff back from the holidays??
Good to hear that this workout helped!
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Can't wait to try it! I enjoyed the attention in the details.
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I'm not fully recovered from a flu but felt that I could take a level 2 class. I loved this session, the whole work of the thoracic made me feel so good. That's exactly what I needed after lying in bed for a few days. Great for everyone these days. Thank you!!!
Marta, I hope you'd tried it! Attention to details make it a whole lot of difference:)
Avishag, I'm sorry you caught the flu but glad to hear you are doing better. That thoracic gets so tight when you're lying in bed for a long time. Please try my mat workout too:)
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