Athletic Jump Board<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2460

Athletic Jump Board
Courtney Miller
Class 2460

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Sheryl A
Amazing class - I felt I could follow it easily (although I couldn’t do a few of the exercises - I’ll get there with some practice). I haven’t bought a ball yet - what size do you prefer for the things you did in this class?
I love your classes, Courtney! This one was fantastic. I got a great sweat going and my whole body feels it! Thank you!!
Sara Ellis-Owen
I needed something to help me burn off some of the Christmas mince pies 🥧 and this class certainly helped me do that! Can’t wait to try some of these jump board variations with my clients- thank you! X
Love this. It never fails to deliver.
Amzing work ! Totally what I need it! Thank you Courtney!!
This was a challenging & fun workout. I love Courtney's cues - she never leaves me wondering what's coming next or leaves me unprepared. I always have enough time to transition.
This was an awesome workout! Loved the abs/legs focus. Thank you Courtney!
Really loved this class! Thank you! Do you have more classes like this?
If you are looking for a high-energy Reformer challenge, I suggest this series with Tracey.
Elena F
You make it look soo easy Courtney! Loved the class thank you! :)
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