Reformer Workout
Kevin Bowen
Class 2535

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Kevin- your classes are always delightful! Thanks for clear, consistent cueing and spring setting alerts.
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So much fun to see Kevin on PA today!! Love your classes, cues and instruction. Thank you!!
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Loved it! So snappy. Lots of fun. Loved the holds. Flew by and felt like I've really worked. Thank you. More please Kevin!
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loved the workout, I really like the combinations you did on the foot work, as well as when using the straps. Thank you
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Great! Perfect time! And I agree all need to have a little more fun!
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Kevin this was fun I found myself craving up many times. In our local Pilates and red cord classes, we are always laughing it up while working hard works our muffin tops even more! Thanks
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I really liked this class. Was very appreciate that Kevin mostly had the students changing the equipment/spring positions. I find that in alot of other pilatesanytime classes, the instructors do it and since I'm at home with no instructor helping, puts me behind what's going on (and the computer isn't close enough to pause nor does it have a remote).
Thank you Linda, that is helpful feedback!
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Great cueing! Really liked the use of different reformers. The stretches were amazing. Thanks for a great quick workout.
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Great quick class! Really enjoyed the cueing and pace of the class.
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