Reformer Workout
Kevin Bowen
Class 2535

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Great class! Please add more classes with the aero reformer! Love this, thank you
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This was great. I have the aero pilates reformer and have always had to guess at what cords to use. This was very helpful. I could do everything but the hanging into the machine stuff which I avoid due to previous unhappy results. Some of us are not that bendy (or young)! I am vintage 1946 and probably the oldest person watching these videos!!!
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Kevin this class was wonderful. Consistent and clear cues and spring setting alerts
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Short -sweet and really nice flow!
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Kevin I loved your energy and even the cue to smile! I wish you were local, I would come see you every day!
Great cueing. Thank you.
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Perfect for a quick workout, as it hits all the right notes. Thanks!
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Loved this class - excellent instructor
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Love this! Love the arm work, love the cueing and pace throughout the class. Definitely one of my favorites:)
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