Mat for Back Pain<br>Juan Nieto<br>Class 2556

Mat for Back Pain
Juan Nieto
Class 2556

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Hi thank you for this class .
It would be interesting to have a reformer or Cadillac class with the same topic .
Also a profile on Juan Nieto, his background ,his sources of inspiration would be useful.
Thank you to PA to give teachers like J N an opportunity to share this valuable knowledge.
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brilliant,so informative,and it works!
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Very informative, lovely manner , Thanks
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Awesome, Im in the middle of my comprehensive course with polestar at the moment...really found this so informative!!
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quite lovely, but I feel this is more of a tutorial for the rest of us, than a full class. Maybe?
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Xeres ~ You can find Juan's instructor profile here. I hope this gives you all the information you're looking for!
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Miriam ~ Thank you for your feedback. After reviewing this video, we've decided to keep it as a class. However, we do agree that parts of this class are more like a tutorial. We just wanted to make sure that it was easily accessible to anyone with back pain.
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Love love love this clear instruction.
So useful for my back care clients
It is very refreshing to have a tutorial type class
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I thought this was FANTASTIC! Inspirational and I loved the explanations. My best class to date
AWESOME!!!! I'm really happy I can learn from Juan!! He is an amazing teacher and I hope we can see more classes here in Pilates Anytime :)
Juan, eres la caƱa!!!!!!!!
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