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Oov Discussion
Daniel V. & Brent A.
Discussion 2558

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Hi Kim,
Which country are you in? If you are in the US, our distributor is Balanced Body. In Europe it is Sissel.
On ELDOA, I am familiar with Guy Voyer's work.

Our classes are designed to be Movement experiences, and are very different to the work we do with one on one sessions. In my experience its very difficult to give a movement instruction that is ideal for every single person in the class, as we are all so different.
The idea of the Oov is to give the person feedback so they find a way to do the movement themselves, and therefore I hope you notice we don't say how we want someone to move in the class.
Our one on one movement sessions are designed to be specific to that person and corrective in nature.
Our courses are designed to give you the tools to do both.

I hope this helps.
The information in this interview is provocative and weaves together some very interesting concepts. I bought the workshop and have tried some of the movements on foam roller and slo mo balls and have found interesting shifts in my movement intelligence. I am coming to Miami to do the workshops in three weeks and can hardly wait to experience it first hand.
Thank youbfor this talk! I just bought a pair of oovs and love the new sensations and views they bring into this work!
Great interview - very informative! The Oov looks like a
fantastic aid to movement and an ingenious device... Daniel,
since I am sure you have personally used the Oov for many years now, how
does your body adapt to using the Oov over time?
Does it get "easier" to find that micro-stability each time you lie on
one? Do you feel the benefit in your day to day
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Another question for Daniel: For Pilates instructors, who might be seeing the same client week in and week out for years on end, how do you envisage the use of the Oov? As a short term, corrective /educational intervention to help learn core activation and bypass compensations - occasionally coming back to the Oov if necessary? Or as a tool to use every session, through the whole session? Or somewhere in between? (Oh dear, something weird is happening with lots of extra characters when I post.)
Parijata C
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OMG I have it seems I have been waiting so long to hear this talk... Thank you 
Thank you PA and Daniel Vladeta for the introduction on Oov. I loved the goal behind and cant wait to add in to my classes in 2024.
I was a great interview.  Just received an Oov for a Christmas present this year.  I cannot wait to get into all the ways to use it.  But most of all I had to try the sitting at the computer on it and the lying on the floor with my computer.  So perfect for my low back.  Thank you all.  
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