Prenatal Functional Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2581

Prenatal Functional Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 2581

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courtney i loved this class. i enjoyed from your greate ques!
I took some exercises for my class, and my non pregnant clients 'enjoy that challenged exercises very much. they thank me so i thank you!!!
you looks great !
Congratulations!!! Great workout, thank you so much for this video! I'm in my first trimester and can't wait to do this routine during my pregnancy. Hopefully you'll be able to post more prenatal reformer videos!! =)
Christine P
Thank you, Courtney! Such a wonderful class for all bodies. Can't wait to share your sequences with my clients. Congratulations on becoming a mamma :)
Phew! That was challenging and I'm 7 years post partum!!! I would love to rewind and have had you with me through my 3 pregnancies. Perhaps I wouldn't have had so many injuries post babies (which is why I'm doing pilates now). Thanks Courtney.
Nice sequence and appropriate for many clients. Looking forward to teaching this to my trio, including one who is 6 months pregnant.
Karol G
Great Class!!!...
Thank you for this amazing class! I'm almost 7 month pregnant and I felt great after the class. There were a couple of exercises that I had to modify because my springs have different tension of yours and I wasn't able to do it, but aside of this small issue, everything went perfectly well. I'll repeat and I'll follow your pregnancy classes, they make me feel strong and capable!
I love how creative you are with the reformer. You always keep things fresh. I am not pregnant but am really enjoying your reformer workouts. Thanks and best wishes!
Courtney I adore your actitude and the energy you have even being pregnant!! Congrats !!!
Wonderful class! Really enjoyed your variations during my sixth month of pregnancy!
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