Common Cues<br>Amy Havens<br>Tutorial 2693

Common Cues
Amy Havens
Tutorial 2693

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Thank you so much Wendy King! :) I'm from Colorado too!! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!
Very helpful! I should have listened to this a long time ago
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Great video! Thank you.
Thanks gals!
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I'm actually a trainee pilates teacher and I really like the way you explain the cues! when i did pilates i didn't really understand those cues in the classes i took lol.
thanks so much!!
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Thank you Mylene What program are you going through, curious? Let me know if you'd like any other coaching or advice ;)
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Hi Amy, I'm doing the polestar course in Singapore. working on my cues for teaching. it does make sense to explain them in the way you did. when we're teaching for a sign-off from a mentor, we don't explain the cues like you did, because we're teaching our peers. I remember to take the time to explain what the cues mean to new clients now :)
do you do coaching over skype?
Mylene -- first -- congratulations on going through a Polestar teacher training!! I agree, the process during the course is somewhat interesting due to teaching our peers. It's quite different when you/we start working with 'real clients' who don't have the background initially, cuing can be a little tricky. I'm glad you found this cuing video helpful. And yes, I do coaching, give me a shout. :)
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Great! I'll email when I need some extra coaching!
I'll look forward to that Mylene !
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