Breath-Focused Progression<br>Michael King<br>Class 2707

Breath-Focused Progression
Michael King
Class 2707

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Soooo great,dear Maestro !!
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You and Malcom are incredible. I love you videos.
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My favorite teacher! :D
Excelente !!!
I was watching this video having a nice cup of tea, I will do this later on. Welcome back. Nice to see you both. Great teachers. Thx
the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mpravo Michael.............keep going like that
Pilates Emma
Fantastic class ... that has truly got me back into the Pilates zone post my summer hols ..Looking forward to seeing you in London... Thank you M & M x
This was a truly wonderful class! My best ever so far !
Excellent class !!
Love this class, he's the best!
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