Breaking Down Transitions
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2724

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Fantastic! Made my day...thank you!
Thanks for watching Tiffany, so glad you enjoyed this class!
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Nice job Benjamin, so clear and concise! Love your energy!!
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Just what I needed after a long weekend of dancing! Thanks for a great practice Benjamin:) looking forward to more classes
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I just loved this class. Can't wait to see more. Clear, concise cuing and a cheerful and fun way of presenting the work. Bravo!
Thank you so much Brenda, Michele, and Devra! This class is part of a series—there are indeed more classes to come (as well as two classes already online that lead up to this one). I hope you'll enjoy those as well! Cheers, Benjamin
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Thank you Benjamin! Lovely class.
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Can't wait to see the next class!
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Awesome job! I'm so sorry that I couldn't be there in person, but at least I got to work out with you all from home. Love!!
Having just repeated this class in the studio (with no cameras, lights or people) I'm happy to say my body loved and understood your great cues during Horseback much better You are a great teacher Benjamin. Thank you.
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