Reformer Workout
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2724

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You are so sweet—thank YOU! This might actually be the first time I hear Horseback mentioned in a positive context ;) xo
Can anybody tell me which brand are these leggings?
Thanks in advance.

I tried several times to watch this video, but no luck. All sorts of technical problems. Wish that I could have watched it, before viewing the next class in this series.
Ha! Haggar Saggi, I assure you there is way more to be excited about in this video and Benjamin's teaching than my leggings. I hope you will see the rest of the video too. The leggings are from Onzie.
Mary Jeanine, I'm sorry you're having trouble with this video. It's so frustrating when that happens! The solution is often as simple as restarting your computer so it clears the accumulated data (or something like that). Another thing you can check is how many programs you have open or operating at once. That will affect your video play as well. I hope this bit helps. If you are still having trouble please contact us at or checkout out our FAQ's on this subject by clicking Here
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Thanks Kristi. you're right, it is a great video and I did enjoy Benjamin's teaching very much! just had to have those tights ;)
Great class Benjamin. Could you call out what springs you are using color coded. Just to make it easier if I'm teaching this class so clients understand. Felt great after class. Thanks
Hi Yvonne - I work on traditional apparatus with springs of equal tension, so the only differentiation is the number of springs. PA has some resources on their blog to help you translate that information. Thanks for watching and inquiring!
Yvonne ~ This blog post should help you with spring modifications so that you will know what springs to use on your equipment. We also have a workshop on the springs which may be helpful as well.
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Excellent. Im ready for the next one. :)
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