Sequencing to Leg Pull<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2729

Sequencing to Leg Pull
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2729

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Love watching you teach! Not to mention how gorgeous your voice is to listen to! Thanks Benjamin Degenhardt !
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Update : I've now watched this class 10x. What a brilliant sequence! Thanks Benjamin Degenhardt!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thank you Lauren — 10 times, wowza. It makes my day/week/month to know you are enjoying this class so much!!!
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Okay Benjamin Degenhardt maybe not actually 10, but a whole bunch 🤗
Day 74. I would have hated this one 2 months ago. But I did it today! Thanks!
Benjamin you are amazing! You make it so i can feel like a professional. Great instruction. The best.
Great workout!
Thanks for this amazing class!
ugghh I found it way to fast right at the beginning, it leaded to uncontrolled movements and frustration, sorry. 
Wow! I loved this class! It was a great way to re-energize! Thank you! 
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