Move your Pelvis
Cara Reeser
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This tutorial is a great reminder of the nuances in these exercises, Cara! Nice to see Laura demonstrating!
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"she's a great executor of this material" what an understatement! Something to aspire to as a student and Cara, you are an inspiration as a teacher.

Amy Havens first got me on the half dome like that. What a wonderful and easy prop to use at home and to give to clients to use at home. THANKS for laying this out so well and for the camera close ups.
Maggie, I am glad you are inspired and that Amy gave you the half dome, what a great gift!!!! I am so pleased with the way this was filmed. The PA team always do it right!!!!
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Very interesting tutorial, will be watching again . Thank you very much for sharing.
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Jacqueline, You are welcome! I also have a new workshop up that you might like. The same simple way of examining anatomical truths. I appreciate you watching.
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Great imagery! I watched the tower class first. Going to watch it again now :)
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Terrific! Cara, your instruction is so lovely and clear. I started using a half dome with my clients the same way a couple of years ago, but it's one of those things that has moved into the back of my mind. I'm so glad to have the reminder! And for myself, after seeing the demonstration, and hearing you talk about hip extension, I realize I am not moving my pelvis enough to get my full hip extension when I am doing spinal extension. I used the half dome under my pelvis to help me get more movement during swan spinal extension and it really made a difference once I took it away. Thanks for your inspiration!!
Alissa I am glad this helped and it was nice to meet you!
Volvi a ver esta clase despues de un año y medio y todavia me gusto mas que la primera vez, maravillosa maestra Cara Reeser . Siempre aprendiendo de ti. Toda una inspiracion! Gracias!?
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Thank you Cara!  I just discovered the excellent tutorial.  You are a treasure!
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