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Sherri Betz
Class 2817

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So great as always Sherri! As a Polestar student this was such a brilliant review of modifications/regressions, when and why to use them. Thanks a million!
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What I really enjoyed about this class was observing the adjustments /modifications for the less experienced participant, Nicole, and then Kristi, demonstrating what optimum form would look like. I have way more "Nicoles" in my practice than "Kristi's". Wasn't bothered by your breathing cuz didn 't even notice....until'the Fltecher breathing. Loved the revisiting of modified saw, spine stretch and spine twist....and the focus of the upper back in the swan prep. Thank you for sharing your gems, again.
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Wonderful class - thank you so much , Sherri- you are a wonderful teacher! I learned so much and the use of the band under the low back will be most helpful.- thanks again.
Thank you everyone. I am grateful for the positive feedback!
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That was fantastic class. Great modification and great instructions. I picked some new ideas and I'm very happy and gratefull for it. Thank you Sherri!
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This routine is just what I needed. Practicing your other Osteoporosis Safe mat workouts for the past 9 months has improved my stability and control. This one is definitely my new favorite.
Thank you. Betty Colburn in Portland OR
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I seem to have an increasingly ageing population in my classes! So this class and the osteoporosis modification classes are brilliant. So clear and helpful. BIG thank you....
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So informative class, almost like a workshop! I couldn't stop taking notes! Thanks Sherri for this amazing class and all the information and tips you share. I have so many seniors clients and your classes and tutorials helps me a lot. Keep up the good work!
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Thank you, 1 question; with osteoporosis is forward flexion a never or are there degrees of it that would allow for some forward flexion without compression in some cases? Great class and instruction full of information. Thanks again
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Hi Tova,
With most activities there will be some flexion, however, we do our best to help clients to avoid forward flexion. I did show a little bit of lumbar flexion in some of the modifications. I try as much as possible to eliminate all thoracic flexion where the spine is most prone to fracture. We have to remember that everyone is decreasing in bone density and gaining thoracic flexion naturally as they age.
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