Mat Workout
Sherri Betz
Class 2817

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thank you so much. So great to realize you can do intensive effort without risking your back.
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Hi Sherri, it's so nice to see you on PilatesAnytime. I always love your instruction and your cues are spot on! Happy New Year!
Thank you Michal and Jackie-I am so glad you enjoy the classes. Happy New Year to you too!
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Great class Sherri. Lovely vsriations which still challenge. Thanks for sharing.
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loved this class !
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Great modifications and many options for the participants with Osteoporosis, and very safe too, thank you Sherri
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I was looking for a class without too much deep flexion or extension, and this fit the bill perfectly - I really enjoyed it, thank you.
I was interested to hear that you propose a pillow under the head while bridging in the case of very kyphotic clients, as have been taught its a big no-no, but have always felt that those clients look far too uncomfortable without one.
Is there anything the kyphotic client needs to be aware of or cautious of when using a pillow while bridging?
I also wanted to check whether your use of the pillow when prone (under lowest ribs to pubic bone) was specifically to protect osteoporotic clients, or is there value in this pillow placement for clients without bone density issues? Many thanks!
Hi Debbie,
I am so glad you enjoyed the class! If you have a client with a fixed kyphosis greater than 7cm or 2-3" Occiput to Wall Distance, their head will be hanging in the air with their chin jutting up toward the ceiling in a supine position if you don't use a pillow.

The pillow in prone is very important to protect clients with low BMD (Osteoporotic or Osteopenic) I have had patients with rib fractures from doing Double Leg Kick or Swan type exercises without a pillow. I am pretty strict about it especially if they are lying prone on a hard wood or tile floor with a thin mat.
Great questions! Best of luck to you!
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Thank you , Sherri Betz !!!! It was wonderful class!!! Love the variation on face down exercises and the strap in the curve of the back!!!!!!
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Thanks Sherri, This is such a great class, I could watch and re watch I and learn something new each time!!
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