Letting Go of Perfection<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2839

Letting Go of Perfection
Amy Havens
Class 2839

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Hi Erin, thank you...we miss you too!!!
Christine Huff.....thank you again for your comment and perhaps why I was on my "A" game that day when filming was 1) because I had a wonderful student/colleague working with me (Aliza has been working with me at my studio for almost a decade now, she's amazing) and probably the most important reason 2) I dialed down my perfection desire and really showed up to MOVE my body that day! I've been dealing with asthma and some other respiratory 'thing's as of late and breathing has been a challenge,which therefore presents other physical challenges. That day, I really wanted to move and feel the joy --- and I think that came through! :)
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Was really hard to know how many springs were supposed to be on for each exercise.
Hi Penny, I watched back to see/hear if I had made spring choice suggestions and I did hear myself offering many times. I also heard myself say "do what you need for this exercise" and "do what you know to do for this exercise". I encourage students to play with the spring choices, to learn what they feel like and if they need more--put more on and if they need less-- take some away. We learn by trial and by doing.
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Ohh I loved seeing Amy teach a more classic repetoire, but I love all of your classes! :)
Thank you Jennifer! ;)
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This class is going into my weekly routine. Thank you and have a good weekend!
That's a wonderful compliment Kenden , thank you!!
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Amy, this was such a fantastic workout - the pace, the fun attitude...it was playful and challenging. Definitely a fave!!
Hi Rebekah -- thank you so much, glad you enjoyed this workout! :)
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