Brett's Morning Mat<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 2886

Brett's Morning Mat
Brett Howard
Class 2886

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Melissa C
Perrrfect! Just the right amount of sauce for the early am! xo
Grace Park
Nice quickie mat class !
Marie Silva
Hi Brett Howard I wanted to say that the first routine I do after a long break is yours! wonderful sequence to get back into pilates after a forced rest... got covid and it knocked me out for a couple of weeks. Big thanks!
That was great- thank you!!
I had taken this class before and picked it specifically because Brett says no matter how busy you get after, you've at least done this workout.  I got up just a little earlier to do this class before we hosted a big party at our house.  Helped me feel good during a hectic and fun day and be able to just relax at the end of it.
Another class from you that I love! Thank you Brett fro being such a wonderful teacher! I love your joie de vivre! 
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