Dynamic Side Body Flow<br>Carrie Pages<br>Class 2895

Dynamic Side Body Flow
Carrie Pages
Class 2895

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I was loving Carrie's video workout, but when it got to the stomach series.....it cuts out.....is there perhaps a problem with the video??? I have never had this happen before?
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Yay It came back and worked.....lovely class Carrie !
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Great class Carrie! Thank you! :)
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Absolutely LOVED this tough class. Cues are fantastic. Thank you Carrie.
I had minor problems with the video not keeping up with the sound..... kept wiggling my mouse and it was ok ...
Sophie and Brenda ~ I'm sorry you both had trouble with this video. When I tried it, it played all the way through without any issues. I recommend trying a lower video quality as it sounds like a problem with the internet connection. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com.
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Carrie's buoyant instruction and personality coupled with some finely nuanced cues really made for a great class. I'd watched the first few minutes the night before and was hesitant since I need hands behind my head for supine positions that require me to lift my head. I took her "permission" to use one arm to mean permission for both and am so glad I didn't get scared off of taking this excellent fun lovin' class. Anyone else hear Carrie's laugh and think of Alycea ?
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Really fun and energetic class. Thank you Carrie
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Beautiful workout! I absolutely loved it!!
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Great class Carrie! Tough and challenging so I will repeat this class often. Great cues...love the surprise "holds" as well.
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great class love from london
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