Mat Workout
Mariska Breland
Class 2935

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Excellent class. I enjoyed it very much as usual. Thank you Mariska
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Great class! Just what I needed!
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Great class, Mariska! I'm guessing the "secret words" were dolphin and frisbee
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Great class. Are the words related wlth the dog chasing the frisbee:)
Ha! The words are "why would anyone use that word" words. My favorite client has already given me words for my next class. ????
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Great to see you back here Mariska. Lovely fun class as always. I'm going to go with dog and frisbee...!
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Great class Mariska! Loved how you snuck those words in for your client! Zeitgeist & Detritus. :)
Ding ding ding!! Yep, Diane. My client emailed me them, and I started laughing wondering how I could possibly work Zeitgeist into a class.
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Beautiful class! I truly enjoy taking classes with you! Just was wondering when you'll be back in the studios, would love to be there and participate!
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Really enjoy your classes and style Mariska! Secret words: what Diane Norman said :)
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