Mat Workout
Mariska Breland
Class 2935

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Thanks all! Laurie - we tend to come back just once a year, but I'd be thrilled for you to come visit me in D.C.! Also, I do teach workshops all over, so if I'm ever in your town, we can arrange a private!
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I was feeling so enthusiastic about this session that I interrupted class to click "like" and include it in my favorites. Loved how the stretches weren't simply rewards interspersed among the work...they were the work! Such clear instructions and creative movments. Thank you!
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Fantastic class,loved the variation of stretches in different positions on the run up to a particular excercise.
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So fun your class Mariske..a lot of power,strech ,fantasy and humor!!! Thank you

Much needed great class! You promised me a reformer class so I keep looking for it!!!! Thanks for all your wonderful classes both new and old. Why would I be in a fetal position after 2016? J/K!!!!
Lol Denee. Prince and David Bowie died - that should be enough for anyone to have strong feelings about 2016! Reformer class was filmed, so I imagine it is coming out soon!
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Loved the class and the ideas. Thank you! Loved your sense of humor! Want to hear the dirty joke though... 😂
Thanks, Nancy (I follow you on Instagram!!). I don't remember what I said re: a dirty joke, but point me to a time code, and I'll email you whatever dirty joke crossed my mind at the time. ;)
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You do?? Omg. I'm so very honored. You just made my day.
At 49 minutes when doing boomerang... 😜
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