Quad Lengthening Reformer<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2943

Quad Lengthening Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 2943

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Taghrid K
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Great class, love the flow, the cues and all. Thank you Amy.

Thank you, great class!!!
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Great classic flow class. Thank you.
Hi Paola ...thank you for working out with me! Glad this class got you through your MOnday (albeit a few weeks ago)!
Thanks so much everyone, happy to hear you're enjoying the flow and pace of this workout with Andy and I. We had fun! Our gluts were nice and sore the following day!!
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Fabulous as usual! Loved the pace and whole body work
Cindy -- thank you, so glad you enjoyed this workout!
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My first workout since I had surgery .. oh how I have missed Pilates. This was a fantastic class, thank you Amy Havens
Thank you Melissa , glad you're back in your game!!
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Love the flows and your Guns n Rose T
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