Strength and Balance Mat
Layla Khashoggi
Class 296

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Wow love your workouts- soooo invigorating!! I will repeat this class again and again. You make the workout with your props so much fun. Please instruct more classes on this site! I love and look forward to all your classes.
Hello Elaine! You are dedicated! Love it!!
This was a fun class to do, and I'm so glad you like it. I'll be working on another
Wow! Didn't think I could get a good workout at home. Excellent overall body workout. Great class!
So glad you got a good workout right in your own home! That's the great thing about Pilates Anytime... YOU get to choose the time, the place and the challenge. Hope we can do it again together soon
LOVE LOVE LOVE this class. Tough yet not impossible; great flow and cueing.
Hi Colleen- Pilates LOVE.... isn't it FUN?? Pilates allows us to explore the playground of our physical form in so many ways. Glad to have you aboard Come back often!
I LOVE the mix of things... I didn't need the hand weights... maybe in a few weeks once I'm stronger in this area. Thank you Layla!
You are so welcome, Zeena. You are so smart to modify what you need to do and build into more strength from a solid foundation. Precision and Control should be first, strength and endurance will follow. Keep up the good work
Hi layla, I have not used my ball in a while so really had fun with this !!! very challenging!!!!
Hi Janice- Glad we could dust off the prop and give 'er a drive! The props can really be so useful in refocusing our awareness, can't they? Thanks for playing
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