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Layla Khashoggi
Class 296

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Took this class before work today- 5 am. GREAT workout. Love the level of effort required. NIcely invigorating. Would gladly like to see more classes at this level.
5AM... Bonnie, You're my HERO! So glad you liked it. Some of the work here (pike on the ball, for instance) gives such a cool sense of aerial artistry, doesn't it? High-five to you
Why is the pelvic peel making my knees ache?
Hi Lindsay-
Are you a runner? Maybe you can tell me a bit about what else you do, and if your knees ache in other activities or positions. I have some ideas, but more info would be helpful
I am a dancer and l cycle but l don't run. My knees only hurt when l do the pelvic peel. Maybe l'm not doing it correctly? I have never had trouble with my knees before.
Part 1:
Hi Lindsay-
Cycling might bring some undue tightness to the attachments at the knee. Without seeing you, I have a few things you should check/try.
1. Adjust your feet so they are a comfortable distance from your body.. ideal for many (but not all) is a bit less than a 90 degree bend at the knee.... more or less of an angle can transfer more strain to the knee. Find the comfortable position for you.
2. Make sure that the peel is being initiated with a deep pelvic tuck, plenty of glute engagement and hamstrings are doing most of the supporting, less quads. If you think of the weight in your feet being shifted more towards your heels and lighter in your toes, this should engage the hamstrings appropriately. For even deeper hamstring engagement, feel as if you are trying to slide your heels closer to your head.
Part 2:
3. Your Iliotibial (IT) band may be tighter than normal, common in runners and cyclists. Below is a video of 4 basic stretches for this area.
4. Be aware of your feet as you move through the exercise. Are they calm and quiet without pronating or supinating, or are they lifting, shifting and moving? Calm and quiet will be a sign that the work is being done in the upper leg and torso, where it should be.
Let me know if any of that helps, or if it doesn't!
Iliotibial Band Stretches
P.S. Please also make certain your hips, knees and feet are all on the same line... don't place your feet narrower or wider than your hip sockets
Thank you for the advice Layla. All points have helped. My feet were narrower than hip sockets so that was a big part of the problem. Still, l think my IT band is tighter than it should be so the exercises are helping. Your help is much appreciated.
I loved the challenge the ball offered along with the arm work. My 430 will love this! Thank you Layla!!
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