Glute-Focused Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 2987

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Allana KD ~ I'm sorry it didn't work well with the AeroPilates Reformer. We have classes filmed with that specific Reformer that you may find helpful. You can find those here. Also, for the level, it can be difficult to determine as it is very subjective. We choose the levels based on safety and the exercises would be safe for those with adequate Pilates experience. We agree that it is not meant for beginners, but it is a great challenge for those with experience. 
Hi Gia Calhoun,  thanks for the response! I'm curious if you have a section on here with criteria for each level for customers to reference? I mostly take level 2, and level 2/3 on here, with classes not designed for the aeropilates, and I've never had a problem before. I notice other students on this comment board had trouble with the labeling here as well. As a customer with a busy life (WFH + 15 month old), it's helpful when things are clearly and properly labeled so I don't waste my time on a class that's just not going to work. 
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Allana KD ~ We are working on making the site easier to navigate so that you find the classes that are best for you! We hope to have this ready soon. In the meantime, we do have some explanations on our filter for levels: 

I hope this helps!
Mama Mia!!!  That was a glut full. Will definitely try this one again when I recover.  Keep up the great work Courtney.
I love Courtney but this is all too fiddle with the setups. Arggg. Won’t ever do again.
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