HIIT Reformer Fusion 1<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2989

HIIT Reformer Fusion 1
Courtney Miller
Class 2989

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Heather O
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Courtney is back!! Horray!!!
Carrie ~ Thank you for your feedback. You can find all of our classes that incorporate cardio here. I hope you enjoy these as well!
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OMG this class rocked my world. I absolutely loved it and will be retuning to it often. I do have a question, with the roll up, legs draped over footbar any tips on improving on this so I can actually do it with it a hitch?thanks Looking forward to the other 2 in the series.
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Loved this class so glad you are back, and congrats on the new baby!
Paola Maruca
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Insanely super fun!!!!!!!!!!!.
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sei incredibile!!! per me la numero 1!!!!! che lezione spettacolare .... mi piacciono molto queste idee cardio e di interval training .... ci sono altri canali dove poterti seguire come allenamenti???
you tube??
sito personale????
can't wait for class 2!!!!
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Amazing class love it 🤗 so happy you are back thank you 🙏🏻
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Congrats on bringing Maverick into your family! You both look amazingly healthy and happy:) As always, this creative workout is kick ass and fun! Love the athletic aspect and can't wait to see your other two workouts. Thank you for being inspiring.
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Such a great class!! Loved it! I can't wait for the next 2 classes!
Annie G
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I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! thank you for this amazing workout,
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