Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2989

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This is awesome!! Love how I can do pilates exercises but also get my sweat on hardly any classes on here make me sweat! I think I’ll change my style of teaching to be more like this because it is more what people need they can get their alignment but also their cardio! Better use of time! Well done 
Loved it Courtney! I loved the circuit style and repeating the sequence 3x. Great way to keep good form with not too many reps, but also fatigue those muscle qroups. I will be applying this to my teaching :)
That was wonderful.  I did sweat:)). 
Lovey class like always, thank you
I love going back to you classes... I never get bored of them! Thanks once again Courtney!
Outstanding, challenging class. Loved it!
WOW! loved this workout and am looking forward to the next two in this series!  I have taken few of Courtney’s classes and find them challenging me which I love!  Thank you Courtney!  
thank you!!!
Just found this and I’ll do all 3. Was so fun and I loved it thanks Courtney xxxx
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