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This was hilarious! My husband was cracking up too!
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Very funny!!
Courtney Miller
So awesome!!!
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made my day!
Haha!! Thanks everyone! It was really fun to film. These Bros were pros and great guys. Meredith, Sarah, Julie, Gia, Perry and Nicole rose to the occasion in a very big way too. Jeff Mizushima (who wrote, directed and cast the whole thing) and Stephanie Sciortino (who edited it and also the one I told to "delete it" to), blew me away with their talent once again. Happy April Fool's Day everyone! Thanks for watching, now go out and show your friends that "Pilates is for every body!" xo
So much fun!
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LMAO Can't wait for Bros 2!
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Sooooo funny! Good Job Ladies!
Alison L
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Just taught a men's class this morning so this was priceless! Fantastic!!
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