Day 2: Space
Kristi Cooper
Class 3011

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it is so good to be guided to the motivation of doing it daily, looking forward to tomorrows class, thank you Kristi Cooper
i love the abs series. And i liked the way you mentioned just to let the leg move during the side kicks; reminded me to relax and move
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I have never felt my spine so flexible and feeling so wonderful. Another awesome class! Thank you :)
Evemarie, Ingrid Grace Beeman, Natalie, motivation, ease and flexibility were exactly what I was going for when I filmed this class. With all three you have more space it seems. It just so happens, it was just what I needed that day too!
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Great class- liking the cueing for the low 100 legs- really helps to push down in order to
go up.Thanks Kristi Cooper
Thanks Kristi . . . . Feels great to get back to the basics!
Thank you Kristi! It's the little things that make such a difference like, pressing the legs into the mat, inner thighs staying connected, press upper arms down into the mat, etc...
Thanks for all the reminders! I feel great!
Day 2 completed, thank you Kristi. I loved the curl up and then the leg lift, double leg lift - great challenge. Am always talking in class about the tuck in the tailbone at the beginning of a roll down. It's so much harder for clients than we think. For me it's one of those fundamentals which allows our bodies to improve but it take a lot of practice.
Thank You Kristi - that was awesome - can't wait for day 3
Super kristi !
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