Day 9: Breathing
Kristi Cooper
Class 3037

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Sandra G., your comment makes my day! Sue, if your spine is getting younger then so are you! Evemarie, I want to make another challenge. I'm not a fan of taking my own classes, but I wanted to take it with you all and I have really enjoyed the experience of being with you all. It will take some time to film the next one, so in the meantime I created a playlist of classes that I think will feel natural after taking this challenge. Let's all keep going and I'll get to to work on the next challenge! Here is a link to the interim playlist for us.
After the Challenge
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Kristi Cooper thank you for the playlist. Just what I needed for today.
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Im back to the challenge with my Magic Ring which I just bought. It was great start with this lovely toys with PA. Thank you Kristi Cooper . it was my favorite session in this challenge. We are almost there and I hope you will come back to us soon with new challenge program. (Sorry my English is not really good)
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The circle assistance for the rolldown was subtle and very helpful; took that motion to a new level. Where can I get some awesome pants like yours?
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I've really enjoyed that class. Thank you. Breathing is one of the basic principles of Pilates. It makes everything more effective!
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You are adorable!!!Beautiful instructions, helpful modifications, easygoing energy ..Thank you..
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This was my first time using the ring for a full class. What a great way to incorporate the breath with the ring. Also, using the inhale on the exertion. I'm just blow away at your acknowledge Kristi Cooper ! I love the tool of the ring to help focus on the muscles more. I'm loving this challange! Great class!
Classes like this makes me so excited to take official Pilates training next month!
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54/365 and I'm feeling goooood!
Thank you all so much for your comments here! Wendy, I hope the training is going well!
Loved the connection of the breath with the circle. Thanks Kristi!
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