Can't Sit Up Straight<br>Amy Havens<br>Tutorial 3093

Can't Sit Up Straight
Amy Havens
Tutorial 3093

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Thank you Amy. Is there a tutorial that discusses the reasons why some of us can't sit up tall and the limiting structures involved and how to work on those?
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I would also love to know if there is a way to work on being able to one day sit up tall with my legs out straight in front of me - or if some people are just not built for it?
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a package or two of computer paper works great too , and people tend to have that in the house.
Great idea Susan !
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Jo and Sarah -- there could be a few reasons for why it's difficult to sit up straight and/or why someone may have difficulties. One could be weakness in the core musculature of the body (spine and abdominals) -- all of which will get stronger in time. Another could be weak/tight hips (same, will get stronger in time), a person could have joint structure that limits the ease. My overall feeling, however, is that in time and with practice, a person will gain the strength needed!!! Pilates is a practice!
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Thank you for addressing this very common problem. Yoga block is another great prop to assist here. My go to reason for this issue is tight Jammie's. Yes? I notice that bent legs usually gets that back tall. Thank you Amy & thank you PA
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Hysterical....I mean tight hammies!
Well, Jennifer, if your jammies were too tight it would be tough to straighten legs, too! 😄
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How bout a wedge?
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C-C-L ...yes a wedge would work too. We wanted to keep this tutorial short in length so I didn't go in as much depth as I could have . There are many options for assisting this issue, a wedge is certainly an option too.
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