Mat for Abdominal Strength
Trent McEntire
Class 3122

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I LOVE your classes - your lovely sense of humour, your modifications and choices offered - these are great classes so thank you. More please Pilates Anytime!
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Thanks for a quick class that offers challenges. Nice clear cues. Loved it!
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That was awesome!
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Awesome balance of ab strengthening and lengthening. Thanks for the great classes!
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Another great session thank you Trent. Clear cues and great variations. Now I've got all 3 happening!!
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Lovely class - short, sweet and effective!
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Great class - thank you so much!! simple clear cues, I never felt lost or confused about any exercise - I loved it!!
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Great class . Loved the variations. Hope we see more of Trent mcEntire .
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love this...turning into one of my top "go to" instructors. Thank you thank you - love that kickstand DLS! And the mermaid sequence - Y-U-M Can't wait to share
That's very kind Jennifer :). Glad you find the work helpful!
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