Mat for Abdominal Strength
Trent McEntire
Class 3122

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Andrea - do you have any side affects the nest day or two after using your neck?
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I just got this sequence from a point of view of the shoulders and it is fantastic. You helped me 'find' my shoulder stabilizers for external (arms in front of body)and external (spiraling the arm out and open, with the mermaid). Wow! So helpful for me.
Regarding the leg work while supine: I note that if when the leg is extending, if I coordinate the glutes with the lower abdominals it finally begins to release the 'tightness' in my hip flexors, in the front of the hip; the gripping releases. Is this ok, to engage the glutes at that time? Thanks so much for even considering my query!
So great Trent! The only workout so far that makes my head feel like a bobble head. Thank you!!
This is very nice for prep and stretching, thanks a lot.
Loved this video. Wonderfully cued and paced. I feel perfectly engaged and aligned - Thanks Trent!
Loved this flowing class
Great short class just what I needed for mid-morning.
Very good, clear explanation
Amazing series! After a weekend of cycling, my body thanks you, Trent!
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