Magic Circle Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3144

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This is a brilliant class, love to focus on my shoulders (which I need!). I'm also pretty proud right now because when I tried it for the first time (maybe 6 or 8 months ago?) it almost killed me :D But now I got through it without a break and it was sooo enjoyable (but still hard of course)! You're fabulous, Meri! Can't wait to meet you in Helsinki in the winter
Amazing Julia R! What great news.
I am so looking forward to my trip to Helsinki.
See you before you know it. xx
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All moviment perfectly, thank you.
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Second time taking this class and it keeps on giving!
I suffered from bursiatis 6 years ago and love a good shoulder workout to keep them strong and happy. Thank you for great  shoulder cueing!
Marion I'm so glad you like this class and that it helps to keep you strong and happy. Thank YOU!!
You gave me some great ideas! Thank you!
Kathleen Henry my pleasure!
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Thanks Nicolette for suggesting this class to Meredith.  Thanks for teaching it Meredith!  I  specially liked the sitting spinal rotation with the ring. The class was fun and I feel great:) 
Gary that's great to hear!  Thank you for always taking the time to say something nice.  I appreciate it so much!
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