BASI Reformer Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 318

BASI Reformer Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 318

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Thanks Kristi! When you said early on that your client was "over-committing" to neutral pelvis did you mean she was too much in an anterior or posterior tilt? Thank you for all your great cues and instruction!
Hi Tiffany,
Darina was slightly anterior tilted in her pelvis when I made that comment. Neutral pelvis is defined very specifically in most training organizations. I suspect you, like me are used to looking at the bony landmarks of the asis and pubic symphasis when determining a neutral Pelvis. When I only looked at those bony landmarks on Darina, she appeared to be in a neutral pelvis. However, when I looked at her pelvis as it related to the rest of her body, it looked somewhat straining. Sometimes I think we get too attached to these definitions forgetting to recognize the differences in each of our forms. Darina was doing it "right" by definition, but that particular definition didn't seem to work for her when I saw her. She made the smallest adjustment in the direction of a posterior tilt and though she still appeared neutral in her pelvis, the unnecessary tension elsewhere seemed to fade. Great question!
a little slow for me as well
one of the best classes ive done. I am a teacher as well, so I enjoyed the specific cueing and very detailed attention & corrections for your clients. You're are definitely a teacher that i look up to and aspire to be like! Thanks so much!!
Thanks Becky! I'm glad you liked it and I appreciate your kind words.
Kristi~ As a new-ish instructor, I love the thorough cueing and corrections given to your clients. The details that you discuss give me so much to think about and incorporate into my own practice, and my teaching. Thank you!
Thanks Amy! I came looking for your picture on your profile page... no luck. We know each other right? SBAC Teacher Training for BASI? High School? Forgive me if I'm wrong, or how we know each other is more obvious than what I've suggested. In any case, I really appreciate your comments.
way too wordy and slow and she's annoyed with the guy; kind of a slow class for me.
I doubt I was annoyed with Andy Laura, more likely myself if I wasn't getting my message across. Maybe try Niedra or Adrianne's classes. They tend to get to the point quicker than I do. Thanks for the feedback.
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Personally, i loved it!! Always looking for cue-ing tips and you never disappoint ;)
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